Stone Family
Stone Family Friendly Cove, Youquot
Driftwood Chum
Driftwood Chum I made this for a dear fisherman friend of ours from finds in Campbell River, on the east coast of Vancouver Island during a camping weekend at Salmon Point Resort.
A most awesome find by my mom at Tulista Beach in Sidney, BC
A most awesome find by my mom at Tulista Beach in Sidney, BC She gifted the glass to me for my birthday. My prized posession!
Trading Beads
Trading Beads A true piece of history from the late 1700's here in the Nootka Sound. If you find one of these, you hold on tight! I wear mine on a simple chain and have been asked many a time if I would be willing to sell one.....I never will. These are precious to me.
Friendly Cove
Friendly Cove This is a magical place! If you are on Vancouver Island, you must make the journey on the Uchuck lll, a Get West Adventure Cruise, out of Gold River, BC. You can spend a glorious afternoon in the cove looking for glass, pottery or driftwood, or walk the pebble beaches on the open Pacific Ocean side all while enjoying the view and listening to the crashing waves. Also, you can learn the history of the Mowachaht-Muchalaht people. My favorite place to be!
A friendly Seagull
A friendly Seagull The outdoors is the place to be. I met this feathery friend in Tofino while on a family vacation, which by the way, we need to go to again, soon! Vancouver Island is so rich in its communities, scenery and wildlife that there really is no other place I would rather live. From snow to surf, we've got it all!

I love to dabble in photography too. Here is where I would like to share what I see through my lens when on my journeys to the beach to look for seaglass, driftwood and just to enjoy the scenery.

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